Students are participating in several projects with the aim of crafting solutions that could help in tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

The undergraduate ECE course "m-health and e-health Technologies" (3.2.3382.8) focuses on innovative and disruptive technologies and applications in health. The course started in the academic year 2016 – 2017. You can find its regular syllabus on its official school page. The course applies project-based learning in order to provide students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in academic research, design and development theories and methodologies for healthcare solutions. This academic year, many of the student projects are related to AI technologies addressing COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

The following COVID-19 related projects supported by the Biomedical Simulations and Imaging (BioSim) Lab are underway:

  • AI techniques to investigate the spread of COVID-19 based on epidemiological, demographic, healthcare policy and geospatial data.
  • Design and development of a smart mobile app for detecting fatigue in healthcare professionals.
  • Design and development of a Chatbot for physical activity recommendations to quarantined population, based on emotion detection through AI techniques.
  • Design and development of a Serious Game for the empowerment of isolated people suffering from depression.

For all course and above project-related questions, please contact:
Kostas Mitsis (Teaching Assistant,