FP6-IST-4-027333-STP, "Micro2DNA: Integrated polymer-base microfluidic micro system for DNA extraction, amplification, and silicon-based detection"

Partners: Intracom (Greece), Tyndall (Ireland), Leti (France), Forth (Greece), NTE (Spain), Sensl (Ireland), Sciona (United Kingdom), NTUA (Greece), NCSR (Greece), Oxford University (United Kingdom), Charles University (Czech Republic)

Duration: 2006 - 2009

The project is going to develop a single device integrated micro system for nucleic acid extraction, purification, PCR amplification, reagent mixing, biochemical reactions and finally DNA micro array detection in real time. The technologies combined are silicon-based for the implementation of the DNA micro array detection and polymer-based for the construction of the micro fluidic module. A chip that will be developed in the project will be ideally suited for being integrated in the portable low cost system and will perform the signal transduction, interpretation and data analysis. The aim is to deliver a product targeting to point-of-care applications, with emphasis on providing very rapid and accurate results. The micro system which will be developed will be validated in four different healthcare applications.