GALENOS: Development of Virtual Simulation and Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology

Partners: Philips Hellas Medical Systems. Medical School, University of Athens. "Saint Savas" General District Anticancer Hospital of Athens. "Metaxa" General District Anticancer Hospital of Piraeus. Medical School, University of Patras

Duration: 05/1999 - 04/2001

Development of a system for virtual simulation and treatment planning in radiation oncology. Advanced digital image processing techniques have been applied to CT images. Additionally, tools for three-dimensional (3D) visualization of organs or selected regions of interest have been implemented. The system incorporates a database where patient data and relevant information can be stored and retrieved. The access in the database is permitted only to authorized users. The user-friendly interface makes the software handy and accessible to clinicians, while telematic components allow tele-collaboration with other clinics.