East Mediterranean Cohesion on Information and Telecommunications (EMedIT)


Duration: 2006 - 2007

EMedIT 's main objectives focus upon: i) providing a roadmap of transnational integration into a common framework regarding ICT in the EastMed (EM) region, ii) promoting support services including training to ICT regional authorities and public bodies on an equal basis, iii) discussing relevant ICT issues and iv) fostering the development of ICT, thus reducing the "digital divide" gap in the EastMed. Short term outcomes of EMedIT are the establishment of cooperation and networking between all EM actors involved in ICT and the provision of Support Services and Training Assistance to the regulatory institutions, telecom operators and other relevant bodies in 4 EM countries, while the long term outcomes are the eestablishment of a unified and coherent method of acting, thinking and policy-making on ICT in the region and thus establish concrete benefits for them as well as for the public they serve.